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The Heroes. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Canada was a vast country. The eastern regions along the Atlantic coast were populated by new settlers who built increasingly cosmopolitan cities, but the rest of the territory was sparsely inhabited by some indigenous peoples living mainly from hunting.

Occasionally, trappers and gold prospectors ventured to travel on so distant places. Companies engaged in mining or fur trade established their warehouses at intersections of the main paths, which led to the first inhabited areas.

The construction of the railway linking the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean meant the arrival in Canada of large waves of immigrants, as well as the beginning of the colonization of vast territories. Robbers, cattle rustlers and groups outside the law endangered residents’ lives and property.

For this reason, in May 1873, the Parliament of Canada established the creation of the North West Mounted Police aiming to bring order and protection to Western Canada.



That is how a great myth was born. In 1920 it was renamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Their red coat and wide-brimmed hat were, since the very beginning, the terror of criminals. Implacable with crime, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have contributed in Canada being today a country where all people live in peace and where democracy prevails.



For this reason, the members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are loved and admired by everybody.

It has not been an easy task, and many members of the RCMP have died or have been injured in fulfilling their mission.


Constable David Ross / Constable Fabrice Gevaudan / Constable Douglas Larche


Above you can see the photograph of three of them, who died on July 4, 2014 when an offender opened fire on them. Constable Ross left a baby and his wife expecting another. Constable Larche left his wife and three young daughters. Constable Gevaudan left his wife and daughter.

Fundació Aurora will teach children and young people that Evil exists, and that all people who take care of and protect us put their lives at risk for us.

Whatever the body police officers belong to, their dedication and sacrifice exceeds what their salary demands, and therefore we must consider them Heroes, and respect and admire them. Their children should be proud of their parents’ work.

Fundació Aurora, a secular and politically neutral foundation, invites everyone to join it as members, and to elect their representatives on the Board.

All police officers, guards or security guards are welcome regardless of rank, nationality and body to which they belong.

Click on the image of the membership card and you can register as a member of Fundació Aurora.


Fundació Aurora membership card


Fundació Aurora will teach all children and young people that the police are their friends, and always help. If someone threatens, harasses or abuses them, they have to tell a policeman, who will protect them.

The police have to approach the children, i.e. go to schools to give them some advice, teach them to overcome the dangers, show the attitudes and behaviors that are negligible, and help children to become responsible citizens.